How to Test Genuine Diamonds Using Heat Test

Put the diamonds under a microscope with a faceted top facing down. Toggle diamond slowly using tweezers. If you see a little orange glow along the phase, then it could be the real diamond is cubic zirconia (false). Or there is the possibility of cubic zirconia is used to patch a flaw in the diamond. To get the best view of the examination of this diamond. Make sure that the test is done by electrical conductivity test equipment or special tools to distinguish between diamonds and Moisanit. Of all the precious stones that exist, not only the diamond the hardest stone, but also has the greatest light and the greatest light filter. The colors of diamonds as diverse as yellow, light yellow, bluish, red, blue-green, pink, pink, yellow, brown, black (called Carbonado), green leaves (rarely), and the most common known is colorless and transparent. Diamonds can be burned in an electric furnace at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Celsius and become Carbondioksida.

Diamond test can also be by heating. You can use a lighter to heat the diamonds. Heat for 30 seconds and then enter into a glass of water. See what happens? The original diamonds will not break or crack; because the crystalline structure of the diamond tightly and evenly disperses heat quickly caused it, so that the original diamonds will not heat up easily. Whereas if it is a fake diamonds made of glass or quartz immediately because it will crack development and rapid contraction will cause the material to be weaker and crack from within. When the element carbon joining the nitrogen that diamond crystallization takes place, forming a pseudo-yellow colored diamond. If more and more elements of nitrogen then the color will be yellow diamond, the less nitrogen then the less kekuningannya. At the very white diamonds, the nitrogen was not found at all. Hope blue diamond because of the element boron in it, the green colored diamonds due to natural radiation during the crystallization process occurs in the earth and colored diamonds pink, red and brown because of the atomic structures that are damaged or deformed.

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