Measure Your Own Ideal Body Weight And Height By Using Weight Loss Calculator

To measure ideal weight, may differ from one person to another. Someone could say ideal body weight when he looked thin, or others say their ideal body weight while having a little overweight. This happens because the benchmark of the ideal weight used is different. Though there is how to calculate the ideal weight that has been recognized by the World Health Organization. Weight Loss Calculator is a measure of proportionality height body weight, compares weight to height. Weight Loss Calculatordescribes the ratio of body weight (kg) divided by height (meters). Interpretation Body Mass Index depends on factors such as the age and sex of the child, because the child’s body fat women and men differently. But there are disadvantages such BMI calculation, if used individually require another vote. In addition, other deficiencies that calculation Weight Loss Calculator cannot distinguish between body fat distribution, so it cannot be known body weight came from fat mass or muscle mass or bone.

Not the same as an adult Weight Loss Calculator, Weight Loss Calculator in children changes a corresponding increase in the length and weight and according to age. Calculation function Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to assess obesity someone based on the proportion of weight to height squared. UN Organization health sector, namely the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the calculation of Weight Loss Calculator as a standard measure of obesity of children and adults older than 2 years. Used as a hint overweight. Weight Loss Calculator has the advantage in the ability to describe excess body fat, the calculation is simple and can be used in research with large-scale population. Easily done even by those with little or no training exercise because it requires only the data of height and weight. Calculation of Body Mass Index on a child can do with BMI / U (Body Mass Index by Age) / IMT / U. Weight Loss Calculator calculate the BMI of children with the usual formula was then compared BMI calculation results with BMI index for age according to age and sex of the child. Determination of criteria tailored to the child’s attention to the value Z score on the WHO chart. Anthropometry Z score is an index that is used internationally to determine the nutritional status and growth, expressed as a unit of standard deviation (SD) of the population reference.

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