Egg Donor Must Be Healthy

Of course, people will ask about the compensation for egg donation because they know that becoming the donor is so risky. Yes, your life will change especially if you never have the experience related to egg donation program. As a candidate, I think that you need to know some things, whether you’ve known it previously. The medical tests are taken by you in order to ensure that you are the eligible donor. Even though the medical expert will also check your mental health, but it would be better to ask yourself if you are ready to take any risks of becoming the egg donor. The egg donor is not something rare in the recent years. If you still have the fear, we suggest you consult the medical expert. Mental health is as important as the physical health. When you have the healthy mental, it gives good effects to your physical condition. A psychological screening will give you an accurate picture of your mental health. Yes, it will help us to know if you are mentally and emotionally stable.

Regardless of your age, it is the big decision to be an egg donor. Similar to mental health, physical health is important. Generally, not all women can take this program. Every age donor must be between the ages of 21 and 29. However, it is depending on the rule of the agency. Still about the physical health, the donor should have a healthy body mass index. If you can’t run your activities without smoking, the medical expert may suggest you to not donate your egg even more if you use any drugs. The health both physical and mental is very important, so don’t forget to always maintain it whether you desire to donate the eggs. If you have no idea where to go, then you can come to us.

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